What do people typically spend on an engagement session?

The session is  usually two hours and that is $200.  It does include an album credit of $150.  Print products start at $125.  There is absolutely no minimum order with us.  We do this because we want to avoid being pushy and only want you to take home exactly what you love.


We do offer a service unlike most portrait photography companies in that we do offer museum quality albums and wall art to our clients.  The products are gorgeous and made to last over one hundred years.  The office we have is set up so that you can have an amazing experience.  We are in the service industry and want you to feel like it is a special treat to have an amazing experience.  The sessions are made so that they can be empowering and we can connect on a personal level.  We do this because we want you to be yourself and let your guard down so we can get authentic images.  We believe that archiving this nostalgic time period is something that you deserve to hold on to for years to come.


Typically most people go for an heirloom album paired with fine wall art collection.  The average print order is $1500. Again, this is what most people do and in no way are you obligated to do so.  Just wanted to put that information out there so you can get an idea of what most people do.  Do you have more questions?  Are you wondering why these products are so different?  I would love to give you more of the details and find out more about you.


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Alicia Vazquez


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