Branding Photography: “Getting Personal”

Branding Photography- It allows you to show the story of what you do in photographs.  It’s way more than a headshot.  The experience is completely personalized to showcase who you are, what you do, and how you do it.


What I love about branding is that it really is immensely personal.  Ready to get personal?  We gotta get to that place once we get started. When we know what you are worried about, we can address it. Because, while that might be your biggest concern, it covers the smallest portion of the picture.  We want to get past all of the…. “my arms are too ….., my eyes are too……”  You might be able to fill in the blanks.  Once that is over and done with we can get to the most important part of your photo-shoot. Who are you?

“Our connection and understanding of each other will directly affect your expressions in our photo-shoot.  It will affect how big you smile.” 

As a visual artist,  I will consider every feature and will figure out how to highlight every asset. Making sure that any perceived flaw you may have about yourself is not part of the main focus.

One way to enhance features is with a little makeup.  If you are a no makeup kind of person, we go super easy on the make-up.  Just enough to bring back in those contours and introduce a little dimension that is lost while taking a two-dimensional picture.

The way to make sure the wrong features are out of focus depends on where I position myself when I take your picture.  Again, I’m looking for balance in relation to your body type.  Whatever that looks like for your body type.  I guess it’s not important that you know how I do it, just that it’s getting done.  It matters because if it’s done wrong it may highlight or even enlarge areas that don’t need to appear larger.

Another way I do this is with the light. Before I start shooting, I’ll consider what the light does when it shines from the front or from the side, etc. So, you’re in good hands. I’ve been doing portrait work for 10 years.  I’m not experimenting on you or learning while I go.

The reason I want to think about all those things is that I want you to feel comfortable and know that you are enough.  You will get to see how beautiful you are.

I’m also going to make sure you also have a blast during our experience together.   All of this is important because it will show up in your pictures.  Our connection and understanding of each other will directly affect your expressions in our photo-shoot.  It will affect how big you smile.  It will affect your posture.  Once those walls come down, I can really showcase who you are.

These were shot at my studio in Sherwood, Oregon.  This session was with Malini from Ocre and Design in Beaverton.

What do you do?  The question most people ask…”What do you do?”  Why not show them?  This is the time you get to show exactly what you do.  Whether you are an accountant or a massage therapist, you need amazing images.  I have to say this is the coolest part of your photo-shoot and it’s the easiest. You, doing your thing.  It takes all the weirdness out of getting your picture taken when you’re doing what you do during the shoot. This is the time where we might have you working, or with a client.  You don’t need to look at the camera.

Alicia Vazquez-Branding Photography  Beaverton, Oregon.