You may ask yourself, “Why does the lighting look bad when I take pictures in my brick and mortar?

Why does the lighting look bad in my brick and mortar pictures?


I figured for this article I would answer some questions on why the lighting doesn’t translate well when you take pictures in your brick and mortar.  You may have a beautiful space with amazing window lighting but when you take pictures the lighting looks bad.

Maybe you want to take a few snapshots of your business and put them up on Instagram.  So you take the pictures and realize the foreground is not in focus but the background is.  Maybe you have a few clients in the room that let you take a few pics but the pictures have an orange or yellow tint. Maybe there are some lighting shadows underneath the eyes.  Maybe the outside light is super bright and all of a sudden everything inside the building is super dark almost black and you can’t see any of the details. Why is that happening?

What can be happening is that the outside light coming in through the windows may be too bright causing the camera to freak out.  It’s reading too much light so it makes the indoors dark. The camera reads it as two dimensional and the settings need to be manually overridden.


When you get indoors there can be so many things going on with the lighting.  One, the overhead lighting may be fluorescent or tungsten and it’s obvious in pictures. Also, that lighting is going to cast some shiny spots or shadows.  You may have multiple lights on and you may get different shadows from different angles.


For this client, we used a combination of natural light and studio strobes for the different sets.  Light can be very subjective.  One photographer may like blown-out highlights another may like it moody and dark.  But there are some rules when it comes to being properly lit regardless of personal preferences.  We can help you with that.


The cool thing about hiring a professional photographer who knows what they’re doing is that your pictures are going to look good because they are going to be lit well.  This is vital when you have a brick and mortar. You really want to be positive that it’s presented in all its beauty. You have put so much hard work into getting the finances to get into this space and you pay so much to keep it, why not do it right?

Nice, clean, polished-looking images up level you to the professionalism that you need.