Your beauty is not determined by your size, your age, or what you’re wearing.  Your soul is beautiful.  I hope you smile when you look in the mirror.


You know over these last 10 years, the way I work has evolved into something truly beautiful because I get to see the changes women make emotionally. It’s empowering when women finally see themselves in a different light.  To see a woman understand how beautiful she is in front of my eyes is the greatest pleasure.

Honestly, it means the world to me.  I have had clients cry during the reveal of their images.  There’s a mind shift.  It’s a time when they can come to peace with their bodies and faces and how they look right now at this age, size or time period in their life. Believe me I have heard it all.

When I did this session with Kim it was interesting because she’s a Personal Stylist and Produces a podcast that helps women improve their confidence {Captivatingly Confidence}. Her energy is undeniable and she’s so expressive, I love it!  As we prepped for the session we went over all the details because I like to make sure I know any insecurities my clients may have.  She’s like…”nope, what you see, this is it.”  She is at peace with herself and I love to see that!

It was great to work with a woman that had already worked through all those things.  She said something like, “It makes me happy seeing these because I know how hard I worked to get here.”  She wasn’t talking about size she was talking about all the emotional junk we get through as women to feel good about ourselves.  Kim is beautiful there’s no doubt about that. I love how she has made it her mission to help other women feel that way too.

For those of you reading this, I hope you see how beautiful you are today.  Even if you don’t have a photo-shoot with me, I hope you don’t wait to understand how beautiful you are until you have a photo-shoot.

You have one life, this is it. There are things about our bodies we can’t change and there are things that we can.  I believe self-acceptance is about seeing the beauty in who we are as women as far as our strength, sense of humor, courage, intelligence, compassion, humility or endurance.

If there is something we see in the mirror that maybe we don’t like, like the size of our pants we can work on that and still treat our bodies with love and kindness.  It means appreciating what this amazing body has done for us, what it has carried us through and where it will take us.  Did it create a human? Did it overcome trauma? Did it have the courage to stand up for others?

I just want to tell you today.  You are beautiful.  Believe it. You deserve to feel it.  Your beauty is not determined by your size, your age, or what you’re wearing.  Your soul is beautiful.  I hope you smile when you look in the mirror.

Your friend Alicia

Kim see’s many of her clients in Oregon City so it was only fitting to do our thing aka photo-shoot in the OC.  Uh, this town! I’m in love with the character of all the buildings.  We also paired up with Mary Rose Boutique for wardrobe. She’s is awesome!


Kim is the Host of Captivatingly Confident Podcast.

Are you wondering what kind of creative photo-shoot we can do for you? Do your images feel like you? Let me know.