Lifestyle Commercial Product Photography

Do you do commercial product photography?


Yes! Uh huh. Absolutely!  When you look at our work you will see that it is heavy on the people work.  That is our strength. We can accommodate your business by taking images of people using your products in a more lifestyle nature.



The thought process that goes with this is that we’re going to bring a different energy and create a different vibe when we bring in people that are enjoying the product.  You will notice that the people featured in our sets look like they are having a blast because they actually are.  Photo-shoots with us are fun!


The shoot experience needs to be top notch in order to create realistic relaxed body language.  You won’t find any awkward posed shots because when we create an image we think about what it is saying in body language.  A portrait can say so many things.  Because we have taken images of thousands of people we pride ourselves in the fact that it has given us the experience to notice what people are saying without using words.


A picture of a person can say so much. Like, I’m feeling insecure or closed off, even if all the camera settings are perfect. A smile in a portrait is different than laughter in a portrait.  A smile can look like it’s forced and they can’t wait to get it over with or it can mean that the person is confident and comfortable. That’s our super power.

Does it mean that every image is going to be bubbly and happy? Absolutely not! There is always a time and place for everything. Depending on your product and the intention that you need to relay in your images.  You may have a product or service that deals with more serious topics. Those are things we discuss in the planning of your photo-shoot.

Granted a simple and striking shot of an Apple product with its sleek design is gorgeous and it takes skill with lighting and composition to achieve that.  But you will also find that their website includes gorgeous images of people. Likewise, we incorporate images of your product itself in the photo-shoot.


So to wrap it up, can we take images of your product? Yes! But if you’re hiring us you will most likely be doing so because you understand that most of our sessions are shot with the intention of looking at it from your customers viewpoint.  From a marketing perspective, your customers should be able to feel like they want to experience what the people in the photo-shoot are experiencing. That is why we are personal branding commercial photographers.

For this branding session with Rose and Fern Winery we went for multiple group sessions.  Let me just say it takes skill to do group shots because the body language has to be in sync and on point.  It’s not just a quick let’s take a group shot of every one together looking at the camera.  Everyone has different facial features, heights, body types and personalities that need to be composed right on top of the fact that we need to nail the energy of the group.


Do you need professional upbeat images of your products with people? Are you ready to start planning your personal branding photo-shoot or commercial product in a lifestyle setting? (503) 724-8711

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