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Selecting your photographer is rough.  With so many options out there is really is difficult to know if you are dealing with a Pro or a Faux.  Does it really matter?  The market seems saturated with images and tons of people or friends and family with a camera all excited to snap away pictures for posting on social media.  When it comes to such a highly anticipated wedding day, you really cannot afford to take your chance on documenting your family legacy.


Now, I’m not docking every amateur photographer because everyone has to start some where. There are also some amazing amateur photographers.  Really, when it comes down to it a pro photographer will never stop learning their craft and upping their game with new techniques and advancing technology. So, keep in mind this article is for help choosing and distinguishing the difference between someone who is a professional photographer from someone who picked up a camera as a hobby and claims to be a professional.


The first and foremost thing that should catch your eye when searching for your wedding photographer is the work you see.  Wedding photography images should just be plain amazing! And, I get it…most people will not be able to pinpoint what it is when it comes to lighting or composition but you will be able to notice that the work is just beautiful. Your pro will spend the time and money to have a professional website built and a direct personalized email address like…  Your faux may have pictures on a personal face book page and a free email at somewhere like yahoo or hotmail.  Your pro will be consistent in shooting style like lighting.  Your Faux might be a hit or miss by having  a few awesome pics and a some okay pics, but the point is it will not look unified.


Getting to know your photographer because she or he will be with you your whole wedding day. Make sure that the connection is there and you feel comfortable. It is the one person who will capture all the details that you have worked so hard to plan.  It is so exciting to be a professional artist in this era because we have the freedom to do business authentically.  We live in a time when being true to yourself is praised.  Finding the right pro for you weighs heavily on personality match.  I think that no matter how good or bad a pro is….not everyone is a perfect match.  This is the one day that personality, communication styles, work ethics really outweigh the actual work.


A professional wedding photographer will have knowledge on the creative end, correct angles, compositions, lighting, backgrounds along with the capturing raw emotions. Not only are they going to know all the technicalities of the wedding scene, they have to have the proper gear and know how to use it. A professional knows that having a good camera is not really going to give you a good picture. If your fortunate enough Uncle Joe or the below average Faux-Photographer may give you a couple shots that happened to turn out okay while using the automatic camera settings .  Can you really take that chance? Your professional photographer is going to really know how to use her gear to its fullest capacity and take a more calculated shot with each image.


It’s more than having the right camera its knowing when to take the picture, how to capture that emotion, how to have that connection between the subject, knowing the best light. Digital cameras are great but they can’t always deal with the scene properly. A pro will not use the automatic settings and hope that something comes out. They will tell your camera what to do. Boom!:-)


Along with those things a professional wedding photographer is a true business person, working at their craft full time while making a living as a photographer. They are going to make sure they treat you and your guest with the upmost respect. Will follow up with the things you have agreed upon. Properly care for all of the images that they have produced with the proper pro editing software and backup hard drives. They are prepared for all the technical difficulties that could happen, so that if something does go wrong they have the solution, without fail. Other than death or a earthquake knock on wood. You cannot shoot a wedding and say I didn’t get the kiss, rings, cake, bouquet or whoops I got it but it looked horrible. You just cant! They are not just going to have one camera they are going to have two cameras, not one lens but 2-4, not one battery but multiple, there’s more of that too. That’s where hiring a professional differs. Your faux just might show up with one camera and no back up camera…or lens…or batteries.  Yikes.


Depending on who you select as your photographer, those images can be wonderful and capture it just the way you imagined, probably even better, but the way you remember it. If you select wisely your images will be able to be passed on to your children and to your grandchildren. Hopefully, you don’t go for the faux-photographer and short change your memories.



Kiss me darling:-)

Authentic moments of real life.



I love the whole wedding planning process.  Getting to know my couples is pretty exciting.  I find it an honor to be allowed to witness up close, all of the raw emotions and love that bond them together on their special day.  I feel that the connection between a bride and groom with their wedding photographer needs to be authentic and comfortable.

I like to know that my couples are completely comfortable and trust me to handle their wedding day pictures with care and artistry.  I feel that working with people who appreciate my work and qualities helps me to be satisfied with being an professional artist.  I love when we can all be authentic individuals in this thing called life.

The wedding day seems to go by so fast.  It’s cool to prepare  in advance and get to know my couples and their families on a personal level ahead of time.  The whole process of getting to know the family and all of its little intricacies is remarkable.  There’s something distinctive about capturing all the details with the bride during the getting ready process before the wedding ceremony.  I feel like those moments of anticipation are some of the best moments to capture the bride and either the maid of honor or mother of the bride.  It’s the time when it seems like there’s not too much going on when in reality everything is unfolding right into place.

It seems like each family has their own hmm….vibe. Capturing two families, come together for such a beautiful event is heart warming.  I want the family find the the whole photography process enjoyable as well.  I do like to capture the wedding as it is, with it’s natural flow as much as possible.  It seems like the  unscripted and unexpected surprises of laughter and love seem better in images.  It feels like those moments are what really tend to bring back the feelings of that special day.  Of, course most couples still tend to crave a little of the traditional images with the family and if that is something that is requested, we can make room for it.

It takes a lot of patience to be a wedding photographer because you really have to be able to coordinate the flow of the photography and sometimes help ease wedding day tension.  I learned during my own wedding, the importance of having good backup methods and good business practices because a true wedding photographer will plan ahead for unexpected surprises.  Weddings don’t have the luxury of doing retakes so getting it done right with the upmost care is critical. This is where it pays to find a photographer that values their business practices and work ethics.  Knowing how valuable these moments are to part of each families legacy is irreplaceable.


Over the last few years with all the thousands of images I have created in all honesty…there is nothing like photographing a wedding.  There’s more substance to the images created  because of all the raw emotions that everyone is feeling. There is a great satisfaction with my line of work and I could not imagine myself doing anything else in the world.


Alicia Vazquez

Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer