There are only a few weeks left until 2018 and we have come to some amazing revelations about our direction for Ravishing Photography.  As you may have noticed our content is a little bare.  We have pulled content to redirect.  We are currently revamping the images we put out, the blog content on every nook and cranny of our website is being cleaned up.  It’s exciting and scary to be more specialized.  But I have never been one to shrink back.  More info coming soon!


Thanks, Alicia

What do people typically spend on an engagement session?

The session is  usually two hours and that is $200.  It does include an album credit of $150.  Print products start at $125.  There is absolutely no minimum order with us.  We do this because we want to avoid being pushy and only want you to take home exactly what you love.


We do offer a service unlike most portrait photography companies in that we do offer museum quality albums and wall art to our clients.  The products are gorgeous and made to last over one hundred years.  The office we have is set up so that you can have an amazing experience.  We are in the service industry and want you to feel like it is a special treat to have an amazing experience.  The sessions are made so that they can be empowering and we can connect on a personal level.  We do this because we want you to be yourself and let your guard down so we can get authentic images.  We believe that archiving this nostalgic time period is something that you deserve to hold on to for years to come.


Typically most people go for an heirloom album paired with fine wall art collection.  The average print order is $1500. Again, this is what most people do and in no way are you obligated to do so.  Just wanted to put that information out there so you can get an idea of what most people do.  Do you have more questions?  Are you wondering why these products are so different?  I would love to give you more of the details and find out more about you.


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Alicia Vazquez


Vision for future Wedding Photography in 2018

In order to give you the vision for my 2018 wedding photography plans I have to begin by sharing a little bit of my soul.  It starts with my wedding. Why in the world would you like to know about my wedding? Well, because I just recently got an epiphany about the kind of weddings I will be focusing from here on.  So, if you are a bride to be, this might help you figure out if we are going to be a good fit. But don’t worry it’s less than a 3 minute read.

You know, when Alex and I got married I finally found that one person that had me fall head over heels but there was something different about this relationship.  I was attracted to the fact that he did what he said.  That meant so much to me, finding a man that not only was I in love with, attracted to but also a man that followed through on what he said.

When I visualized my wedding…I saw something very intimate with a group of my closest relatives and friends.  We have big families on both sides.  I really didn’t have any desire to have a 300 guest wedding.  We had about 50’ish people present and it was exactly the way I wanted it.  I really narrowed it down to the people I actually connect with when I was in town, the kind of family that called to check in just because.  I in no way felt obligated to give in to the pressure of inviting every person I knew.

I had a beautiful ceremony with a gorgeous simple dress, that fit like a soft glove.    I loved that the wedding day  was uncomplicated.  Walked down the isle to Somewhere Over the Rainbow by IZ. I opted for my favorite white Lilly on the side of my hair. It was meaningful, intimate and special. As soon as it was over we headed off to France to explore the world and make memories that we would treasure forever.

So, I have decided to go with my natural rhythm.  You see, I’m naturally someone who always thinks ahead a lot  but I crave that wild spontaneous spirit. If you have found the love of your life and you only want to keep things simple, and authentic, I may be the photographer for you.  I want to be able to catch that closeness you share with your future husband for what it is.  I will be capturing those special moments where you are walking together and you give an unplanned gentle kiss.  I want to really make this about you with all walls down.  Not to say that I won’t give you a little guidance if you need it during couple time, but I strive to get those moments when you are actually doing something.  I’m seriously not a fan of all the extended family poses with 100 people, the brides heart rate goes up and so does mine.So, if you are the person who would love to get married on a mountaintop in Sedona, Arizona, or the beach in Kauai with a few people you love, we may be the right fit.

If you are a bride that wants the large fancy wedding with over 100 hundred people, well I would be more than happy to direct you over to someone who would be a perfect fit.  I could totally see a glamorous style with HDR.  Looks AMAZING, just not my thing. That’s okay because you deserve to have a photographer that is into that.


I have come to realize that I want to have a limited amount of weddings per year in order to have a balanced work and family life.  I feel that I can serve you better when I don’t overstretch myself but also allow sufficient time to give you my undivided attention for your special day.  You can count on the fact that I will personally be photographing your wedding instead of subcontracting it out due to a full load.  I like that. It’s that simple.  If you want to know more give me a buzz and we can chat!  (503) 724-8711


Your friend

Alicia Vazquez