Having an engagement session serves a few purposes.  One, you get to take gorgeous pictures with your love!  The session is great for announcements, invites or photo-books for signing.  It also serves as a great way to get to know your photographer and make sure you click!

Engagement sessions are 2 hours.  They take place in your city.  We can go over special details and locations that are meaningful to you when we plan the session.  I encourage you to bring a couple outfits for at least two different looks.  I would love to find out what locations are important to you.  I like to make it fun by doing outdoor and indoor shots just like a date!  The key to these sessions is doing a fun activity together.  What do you guys like to do for fun as a couple?  Does that mean a special restaurant or activity?

The session does come with the complete set of images in web viewing format for sharing on social media and one 8×10 print but print  products can be added separately and they begin at $125.

It also helps you get rid of all those awkward feelings of getting your picture taken.  It’s pretty normal to wonder what you’re supposed to be doing with your hands or how you’re supposed to be standing.  I have found that it helps me know more about you and you get to know me a little bit better so that we can build that trust.  We gotta have that trust.


Your friend and Photographer

Alicia Vazquez