Alicia Vazquez

Hi There!

I’m a photographer based out of Sherwood Oregon.  I’ve always had an artistic side ever since I was a young girl and it wasn’t until ten years ago that I realized, in order for that to work I had to also have a business side. Getting paid to do what you love takes a lot of work, dedication and grit to stick with.  I really love to work with people, it gives me hope that there are still good people left in the world. Connecting  on a deeper level is important to me.  I love the art of working with light, colors and personalities.

Still madly in love with my other half.  He’s the techie,  I’m the Artist, but it’s our values that glue us together.  You know just do the right thing.  We have been married 11 years and still like to hang out. I have been known to book a last minute trip out of the country and loosely plan out adventures .  Just enough to where we have a plan but not too rigid to need a vacation from a vacation.  We can take our time to get ready and still get in a few great sights. We like to go into the non touristy areas of the town and get to the soul of the city with the locals. Picking up the language before the trip has gotten us here and there, and always throw him for a loop.  I can get into character when we go out of the country. So far we’ve done France, Spain & Japan and Italy. There is so much to see in the world.  We’ve got Rome and Greece on the bucket list in the near future.

Our kids mean the world to us.  I’m the mom that squeezes in the school pick ups, or takes a Hapkido Class with her 8 year old.  My teens pretty much live at PAC SUN, I’m just the driver.  You can find us playing card games during the week.  The weekends are for exploring Portland restaurants. Boxer Ramen and Powell’s Bookstore is our go to spot.  You can find us on the mountain hitting the slopes in the winter or kayaking during spring break.  I only have a few years left before they start moving out.  I want them to get to have a few good child memories.  How could I forget my little bundle of joy Kodak Charlie our toy poodle. He’s the sweetest forever puppy weighing in at about 3.5 pounds.  He brings us so much happiness and everyone around him.  He’s in training to be a service dog, my future goal is to take him over to the children’s hospital to cheer up the kiddos.

My fondest childhood memory is having my baby sister and finally not being an only child. My sisters and I are still tight, we ran a few marathons together.  We do coffee or movie nights together and talk about deep stuff, growth, emotional well being, confidence and love.

I feel fortunate to live a full life.  A full life does not mean a perfect life by any means.  I have had my share of devastating circumstances in life.  It has taught me to be a strong woman and motivate people to keep going despite trials.  I don’t think that life should ever be taken for granted.    In the end what you buy what you wear doesn’t mean as much as how you treat people.  It’s about kindness and being an authentic person.  It’s about being true to yourself.  It’s about being there for family.  Working hard and being passionate about serving people.  It’s about being confident in a healthy manner and treating your mind and body well so that you can in turn help others in a balanced way. It’s okay to enjoy life a little when you work hard.

Here are a few mundane things about my habits.  Mac or PC? Apple all the way! The design is simple, the devices are powerful, gorgeous and logical.  You have to take care of what you put into your body, you will have it your whole life!  Couldn’t go a day without an organic cup of Trader Joe’s coffee.  Red wine hits the spot every now and then. Gotta get my sweat on a few times a week in Dance Class. Avid reader, wrapping up You are a BADASS How to stop doubting your greatness and lead an awesome life.  In the middle of reading, Grit the Power of Passion and Perseverance.  I’m wise with my money but I’m not afraid to spend a pretty penny on things that are made well and will last a while, or on making memories.

It feels kinda weird writing all this stuff about myself, but over time I’ve realized when we are open to who we are we draw like minded people.  So, thank you so much for reading all this mumbo jumbo.  I hope that this gives you a little insight on the type of person that I am.

Enough about me, if you are still reading you want someone how can be down to earth during your wedding day.  Someone who can trouble shoot if you need a helping hand during the day. I want to know more about your love story.  When was the precise moment you knew you fell in love?  What makes your relationship so beautiful? How do you imagine your wedding day?

Drop me a line, I want to know about you!