About Me


I’m a full time Professional Wedding Photographer working out of an amazing town (Sherwood, Oregon).  I’ve been covering weddings for many years.  It has brought me much joy and pleasure working with strong families and couples in my community.  I love working with people because I feel that people are the essence of life!  Connecting on a personal level helps me thrive and gives me a feeling of authenticity unlike any other.

My love for weddings has many aspects to it.  Part of it goes back to when as a young girl I would day dream about ball gowns and ball rooms.  There is something about seeing an authentic love story unfold before your eyes.  Or could it be the excitement and privilege of documenting the elegance and treasures of the wedding day.  Knowing that I get to chronicle these important chapters in peoples lives and present them in a way that their families get to enjoy for generations to come.

Over these last years I have cultivated awesome friendships and met some extraordinary people.  Working with people I admire is pretty cool! I’m drawn to people who are true to themselves and others.

There is also something to be said about feeling accomplished as a woman. It’s nice to know that I can work in a professional business that I am passionate about.  I know that contributing to society and my family brings me joy and satisfaction. Having strong work ethics gives me a sense of pride.  Especially, because I know that business can still be like the good old days….make your yes mean yes and your no mean no.  I know we live in a digital era which I have acclimated to very well by the way but caring for people and keeping that at the core has always been something I embrace and proved successful in my way of business.

I have a beautiful family.  Life has never really gone the way I anticipated but it has been bright.  Never perfect but still beautiful! Raising my children has been the most challenging accomplishment and the stories and memories are still to be continued.  The most important thing for me when it comes down to it is teaching them to be awesome responsible adults.  I can’t wait to look back when I’m old and be proud of my children.  Finding balance and giving them a good home and my time is everything to me.  I have an amazing hard working husband that brings all the things I don’t have to the table.  I look forward to retiring with my husband out in the country and watching the grandkids, when that time comes, many years from now.  We have been fortunate enough to take the kids on some cool family vacations.

How I want to be remembered.  I want to be remembered as an authentic person.  Kindness is vital these days.  I care about all the little dumb things that may seem insignificant.  When it all boils down to it…the human soul has the capability of being so inspiring.  I want to live a fearless life.  If I can be encouraging to others, to not give up, to keep trying, be kind and unselfishly give of oneself and contribute to the happiness of others, I will be satisfied.


Alicia Vazquez

Professional Wedding and Portrait Photographer