You know I’m not one of those photographers shooting everyone in a certain style. You won’t see me using my favorite color on every person. I don’t think that it describes you if I made you look the same as everyone else.  You won’t find my favorite filter on every photo-shoot because trends come and go.  You know what the 70’s pictures look like, when they thought avocado green and marigold looked great on every human? News flash, it didn’t.


So what is the common thread in my images?  The one thing I strive for is your genuine expression. My style is your expression. The goal is to find out who you are at the core. Are you naturally more reserved or outgoing? What side of you do you want to share? I want to bring down those walls and barriers to getting your pictures taken and make sure you can be yourself in a photo-shoot.  I want you to have the expressions you do when you are with your closest friends and family.  I want you to be you because you’re great at it.  Your expressions may be different if you are a lawyer versus an artist right? But also when it comes to branding which side of you do you need your clients to see?  If you are a Dentist maybe your images need to show you at ease so that people feel comfortable around you versus if you are an artist maybe you need to show that creative side.



So what is the common thread in my images? The one thing I strive for is genuine expression.   “My style is your genuine expression.”

What is your style? I’m going to find out what your zone is.  I’m not going to try to change you to fit in my box because I want all my images to look trendy.  If I hired a makeup artist to get you all dolled up with dark bold makeup but you never wear makeup, would I be describing you?  It would make more sense to go with a more natural base just to gently enhance features.  If you are naturally outgoing and love to dress boldly then let’s lean in and glam it up, like you would when you get dressed up for something special.  I want people to recognize you when you get your picture taken.  Make sense? If you were an organic farmer versus a hip-hop music choreographer that wardrobe and scene would be different right?

  • Are you modern or traditional?
  • What do you do on your spare time?
  • Are you hiking on the weekends or spending time in the city?
  • Lists.


Color, OMG color is so important to me and that is a lost art.  I don’t find many photographers paying attention to that other than big commercial photographers that have their images featured in major ad campaigns. Every now and then you get a photographer whose favorite color is red and every image has red in it.  I get it red is a very eye catching color but some people don’t look good in red.  Can you imagine if my favorite color was yellow and I put everyone in it?  Yellow is a gorgeous color for SOME people.  If you have tan skin or hazel eyes you can rock yellow BUT if you have very fair skin or if the teeth have a hint of yellow, it may make your skin look pale or magnify the color in your teeth.  So, there is a time and place for color and for me it’s about you.  What colors compliment you?  There are some rules to that, want to know yours?