Engagement Photo-Shoot

Hello There Lovlies!

I’m so excited that you are here are my website.  Most importantly I’m excited that you found your forever person! Oh, gosh I remember those fresh feelings of falling in love with my hubby and it was fantastic.  If there is ever a feeling to describe magic, it’s when you fall in love.  When you find true love, it’s so cool because it just feels right.  There is no way around it.

So, you got engaged, now what?  Well, I know there’s probably so many things you are looking forward to like the wedding bells and all that jazz.  When it comes to your engagement session, it serves many purposes.  One, it documents your love right from the start.  Most of the couples I work with use these images for their wedding day guest book or around the greeting area.

But I want your engagement session to be fun! I kinda love those pictures where you are just doing your thing with eachother, like whispering sweet nothings, gazing into eachothers eyes.  So, let’s find out what you love to do for fun with eachother.  Do you love to go on hikes, hang out in the city and go out for a few drinks?  Where did you meet?  You know, all those little details are good to know to find out what your natural element is.  I want you to be so comfortable with eachother while I’m around.  That’s my goal.  So the double whamer is that, all those jitters you might get with getting your picture taken are out of way with your engagement session.  So on the wedding day, no jitters.  We find that happy medium, we know eachother and great stuff like that.


I can’t wait to find out all about you.  Thanks for hanging around the website.  Feel free to give me a buzz.  I would love to hear from you. (503) 724-8711